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Two Penny Blue Why we give

Giving Back

With every jacket purchased, we donate a school uniform to a girl in need in Africa – opening the door to her education, increasing her self esteem, and creating the opportunity for a brighter future. We are honored to partner with schools in Africa that educate, empower, and transform the lives of the girls they serve.

Why school uniforms?

In sub-Saharan Africa, 24 million girls can't afford to go to school. Although school is often free, each year millions of girls are denied the opportunity to attend school because they can not afford a school uniform.

Why girls?

When you educate a girl in Africa, the whole world changes. Educating girls is the single most effective means for overcoming world poverty according to the United Nations, the World Bank and UNICEF. With an education, a girl in Africa will be three times less likely to contract HIV/AIDS, earn up to 25% more, and have a smaller, healthier family in the future.

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